How It Works

Want to know what Little Pink Kitchen does and how it works?

Start here with this informative video.

If you don’t have two minutes to watch the video, here’s a quick rundown of how our service works:

At Little Pink Kitchen, we make the choices, so you don’t have to. We design a unique weekly menu and email it to you for review on Friday. You have until Tuesday to make your selections and confirm your order. We spend the week shopping, prepping, and cooking for you, then deliver all of the wholesome goodness to your door the following Tuesday. You enjoy it (and the extra time!), and we return the next Tuesday to retrieve your washed, empty dishes/coolers and drop off a new selection of food based on your Friday order. It’s that simple. You can start, pause, or stop at any time.

Sound good?  Check out these sample menus to see what you could be eating and follow the steps below to get started!


Sign up

Curious? Want to learn more but not ready to order? Join our mailing list to see what you’ve been missing. We’ll send you a unique menu to review each week and links to order in case something tasty catches your eye.  You can check out our service without committing to anything. Or skip this step and go straight to the Personal Preference Profile — either way, you are not obligated to order until you are ready.


Complete Personal Preference Profile

Think you might want to try us out sometime soon? Fill out a Personal Preference Profile. That lets us know where you are, how many people you’re feeding, your likes, dislikes, allergies, and any details about delivery logistics. We’ll need this before you order, but filling it out doesn’t obligate you to order anything. We’ll wait until you’re ready.


Select Your Plan and Choose Your Entrées

Are you ready to order food? Check out the current menu and fill out the order form to choose how much food you want to receive each week. You’re not locked in – if you need to adjust your meal plan size, add an entrée, upsize a side dish, order a treat like granola, or inform us of an allergy, we can accommodate you. Just specify your preferences when you order. Don’t forget to give us your allergies and aversions – we need those each week!



Now the fun part. Wholesome goodness is on the way! We love the planet, and we love Pyrex! Pyrex is American-made and keeps your food super fresh. It goes from the fridge to the oven and back and eventually gets washed and put in your cooler for us to pick up (one less thing for the landfill!). We package your food family-style in reusable Pyrex dishes and deliver them to your doorstep in a soft-sided cooler on Tuesdays between 11 am and 6 pm. You follow easy reheating and serving suggestions and mix and match the dishes to enjoy several days’ worth of delicious lunches and dinners. Not going to be home at that time? No sweat – ice sheets will keep the food cold until you can bring it inside later that day. Delivery is limited to the city of Denver unless special arrangements are made. Contact us if you are outside our service area.


Pick up

Once you’ve devoured your feast, wash your dishes and place them back in the cooler, along with your defrosted ice packs. We need your coolers to be nice and fresh for the next week, so please don’t forget to wash your dishes and make sure the top zipper is secure before placing it outside. If you haven’t finished all your food, kindly transfer what’s remaining to your own containers and return a complete set of dishes. Leave your cooler in the same place it was delivered on your front porch, at your concierge desk, etc., and we will pick it up the following Tuesday, regardless of whether you’ve ordered that week or not. We’ll shoot you an email or text reminder to put the cooler out by 10:30 am so you don’t forget. Missed cooler pickups may result in a fee unless you give us advanced notification.

Portions and Pricing

We offer a unique weekly menu that features several main entrée selections and a set of side dishes to go with them. Entrée selections always include poultry, seafood, and vegetarian options. We’ll also offer pork or beef options a couple of times a month. Note that side dishes are ample and often hearty enough to make a lunch or dinner on their own. See the chart below for how much food comes with each meal plan.

Upsizing & Extras

Not sure which plan is right for you? No problem, you don’t have to lock into a plan forever — you can switch between options as needed. Remember, you can up-size any side dish/sauce, add entrées, order granola, or make special requests when you order each week. We want you to get the right amount of food to feed your hungry household. Still confused? Check out our sample menus to learn more about the extraordinary meals that await you.

Additional entrée$18.75 – 2 portions  | $33 – 4 portions
Additional quart of soup$18.25
Side dish upsize$18.25
Homemade granola (12 oz.)$15
Salad dressing, sauce, salsa, etc.$5 – $15
Gift certificates$196 – $340